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A selection of Testimonials from more than 6000 very satisfied clients.

14 June 2015 – Next year again please!
” This was our thrid time with you in Mauritius and again we are so impressed with your high level of experience and helpfullness. Your suggestions made our holiday even more memorable and we shall continue to recommend Palmyra to all. …”
Mrs Bt and Family

2nd May, 2015 – Thank you all to Palmyra
” We had a nice Holiday and we hope to use your excellent services next year. …”
Samuel and Family

2nd March, 2015 – Thank you all to Palmyra
” We had an amazing Holiday and we hope to use your excellent services in the future. …”
Sid and Family,

1st February, 2015 – Thanks again
” Great organisation Palmyra. We hope to come over again soon. …”

27th January, 2015 – Book us in for 2016!
” Thanks again for the friendly and well organised service. Our trip was a complete success. See you soon. …”
Mrs W 
South Africa

8th August, 2014 – Holiday in Mauritius
” Thank you for your organisation and warm welcome. You are the best! We will come to Mauritius again with your company next year. Thank you and see you soon. …”
Mr S London,

28th February, 2014 – Hello from Italia
” We had the best holiday in Mauritius. Thank you for all your services and will tell our families about your company. …”
Cl and friends Roma,

27th May, 2014 – Wonderful Holiday*
” Thank you so much for all your assistance with booking our holiday and the warm reception upon arrival at the Villa. Your company is truly professional and we will not hesitate to book with you again in the near future. You really have a lovely villa and we so enjoyed staying there. The decor was sunny and bright‚ the additional extra’s such as the washing machine‚ telephone and hair dryer were a real win and the place was clean‚ well looked after and tidy. We were also very impressed with the cleaning service and on top of it all we got to enjoy some delicious local dishes. We had a wonderful holiday and we definitely recommend Palmyra to all our friends and family. …” Mr and Mrs C
South Africa

11th April, 2043 – Perfect time
” Our stay in Mauritius is over‚ and it was not long enough. We have had a wonderful stay and I can honestly say that we don’t have one negative thing to say about your company. ***** …”
S H Madrid, Spain

22nd March, 2014 – Excellent choice
” Thank you for your good service – our reception was warm and friendly. The house was an excellent choice. You all were very helpful helpful and really made life easy for us during our stay. We will certainly recommend your services to all. …”
Mr S Cape Town,
South Africa

11th March, 2013 – Great holiday and great service
” This was our first visit to Mauritius and it was the ideal destination. Thank you for organising such a lovely apartment and for your efficiency during our stay. …”
P and J S
Newcastle, UK

23rd January, 2013 – Thank you again.
” We are back in the UK again and it’s cold and raining and horrible! We want to catch the next plane out to beautiful Mauritius again! We had the best possible holiday with Palmyra and can’t wait to return maybe next Year. The staff service and the warm welcome we all received was very special. …”
Mr and Mrs AM
Hull, UK

8th January, 2012 – Fantastic time
” We all thank you so very much for all your assistance. The warm welcome was most appreciated. We loved our holiday and would like to return soon. 10/10! …”
JG and family
London, UK

4th January, 2012 – Very pleased
” You came highly recommended by our good friends and they were correct. We are very satisfied to have visited Mauritius with Palmyra and the accommodation was much better to our expectations. …”
Mr AG Dresden,

17th December, 2011 – Fantastic Holiday
” Many thanks for organising our holiday in Mauritius. A fantastic time was had by all. The villa was excellent‚ perfect location for families‚ kids had a great time on the beach from morning till night! We will certainly be recommending Mauritius & Palmyra to families & friends. Many Thanks Once again. Your company is superb. …”
J. P. Winchester,
United Kingdom

11th December, 2009 – Thank you all very much
” We write to congratulate and thank the Palmyra team for having organised our holiday so well. We are all very pleased. …”
S.Family Oslo,

7th December, 2009 – Thanks so much
” This is now three times that we have used your company and we are always very satisfied. See you all again soon. …”
Mr Van de Merve Durban,
South Africa

3rd December, 2009 – Fantasic time
” Thank you so much for a fantastic and very relaxing time in Mauritius last Month. We will see you again soon. …”
Mrs V Pretoria,
South Africa

11th November, 2009 – Great holiday
” A quick note just to say that all the family had a great time in Mauritius. A big thank you for all your advise and suggestions. We were extremely pleased with the service you gave us. Highly recommended and 10 out of 10! …” Mrs SW Pretoria,
South Africa

6th November, 2009 – Holiday made in heaven
” We have just had a holiday made in heaven. Palmyra proposed the most exquisite villa on a private island‚ in most luxurious and divine settings. We had the most fabulous food prepared. One will not get such good value for money in a seven star holiday resort. Well definitely book all our future holidays through Palmyra. Most recommended. …”

7th October, 2009 – Thank you
” Thank you all so very much for your excellent service during our stay with you in Mauritius. We relaxed completely and cannot wait to return with your company …”
Mrs P London,
United Kingdom

28th September, 2009 – Special Time
” Thanks once again for making our holiday so special. We miss Mauritius already and hope to come over again next year. We shall be recommending your excellent company to all our friends. …”
Mr and Mrs K Cape Town,
South Africa

14th September, 2009 – Fantastic Trip
” Fantastic service and great holiday. We could not have wished for more! Thank you so much. …”
Mrs JG London, UK

12th August, 2009 – Big Thank you
” A big thank you is sent to Palmyra for our wonderful holiday in Mauritius. It was a fantastic experience and we shall return soon. We are 100% Satisfied. Brilliant! …”
Susan H and Children Kent,
United Kingdom

11th August, 2009 – Great Vacation
” We all had an amazing time in Mauritius. Your company was totally organized. The local people were friendly and the prices were very cheap everywhere. Great value for money. We will be recommending Palmyra to everyone. …”
Kg and Family
New York, USA

3rd August, 2009 – Excellent!
” Thanks for organising our recent trip to beautiful Mauritius. Everything was arranged perfectly‚ without fuss and to our complete satisfaction. The overall cost was far less than we had expected. Without hesitation‚ we recommend Palmyra to anyone considering a trip to Mauritius. …”
SH Sydney,

1st August, 2009 – Fantastic holiday
” We all had such a fantastic time and want to thank all the Palmyra staff who were very efficient and friendly. …”
Valerie S Pretoria,
South Africa

30th July, 2009 – Many thanks
” Once again‚ we would like to take this opportunity to express our total satisfaction in your company. Everything was so well organised that we had a truly relaxing and memorable holiday with you in Mauritius. We shall certainly recommend your services to everyone. 10/10! …”
The CK Family London,

27th July, 2009 – Thank you Palmyra for all.
” We will never forget the Holiday we shared with you in Mauritius. Everything was so well organised and we hope to see you again in 2010. …”
Mr G and Family Seville,

11th July, 2009 – Very Helpful
” Thanks so much for all your support and helpful advice during our holiday in Mauritius. …”
H. Pretoria,
South Africa

17th June, 2009 – We will visit again soon.
” Thank you Palmyra staff for making our holiday in Mauritius so special. …”
Mrs K Pretoria,
South Africa

9th June, 2009 – Thank you
” We wish to say a big thanks to you all for arranging our recent self catering holiday in Mauritius. Booking with you was so easy and a pleasure from start to finish. Your service was excellent. …”
Mr and Mrs W Sydney,

6th June, 2009 – Thanks again
” Mauritius was perfect for our family holiday. Your company was 100% professional and very organised. …”
Mr H Cologne,

17th May, 2009 – Thank you Palmyra
” This is now the third time that we come with your company to Mauritius and are very satisfied. As usual thanks to all the Palmyra team. …”
MR JM Germany

13th May, 2009 – Many Thanks
” Dear Palmyra Holidays‚ Our holiday in Mauritius was a total success and booking with you was so easy. We will be contacting you again next Year. 10/10. …”
The P family Essex, UK

4th May, 2009 – Villa Oceane
” Lovely spacious Villa‚ pool and grounds. Our holiday was made extra special by all the Palmyra Holidays staff who accommodated our every need. Thank you very much. …”
Emma B. Cardiff, UK,
South Wales

26th April, 2009 – Brilliant!
” Unfortunately we are back at home and work‚ we’d much rather be in Mauritius. I wanted to thank you for your efforts in arranging our holiday. Whilst we had been to Mauritius previously I had only ever stayed in a Resort‚ never been to Black River and only dealt with local tour operators based in Sydney. I was therefore nervous about not only location and accomodation but also booking and paying for my holiday with a company I didn’t know. We were totally in your hands and you excelled. Your service and patience in answering our endless questions was brilliant. Our location was simply superb‚ properties fantastic and your advice on restaurants‚ shopping and the racetrack were outstanding (the restaurant at Domaine Anna you recommended was without doubt ‘world class’). Thank you again. I would recommend your services and Palmyra to anyone looking for a special Mauritian holiday. …”
M. Family Sydney,

16th April, 2009 – Thank you once again
” Just a brief message to say what a marvellous time we had in Mauritius with your company. We could not be more pleased. Your level of expertise and experience really made a difference. …”
Mrs Kl and family Surrey, United Kingdom

15th April, 2009 – Extremely pleased thank you
” My Husband and I wish to thank you for all your kindness and organisation during our holiday in Mauritius. We are completely satisfied and will return soon we hope. A+ …”
Dr Munro London,
United Kingdom

14th April, 2009 – Very good trip.
” We found Mauritius very beautiful and perfect for our children. Your company was very helpful and competent. We will return for longer stay next time as 10 days was not enough! …”
Mrs L and family Hamburg,

2nd April, 2009 – An excellent service thank you.
” Our friends told us that Palmyra is the elite company in the Indian ocean and they were so right! Everything was very good value and your superb organisation made for the perfect holiday. Thank you. 10 out of 10 ! …”
Mr and Mrs K Bristol, UK

22nd March, 2009 – A great Holiday!
” We were very impressed with the service we received from your team. The airport transfers were efficient and the property was great value for money. Your good service added to us having a hassle free holiday. Thank you‚ we will most definitely recommend your company to any one intending to holiday in Mauritius! …”
The S. Family Springs,
South Africa

12th March, 2009 – Already planning to come over again.
” We are back home safely now and are already missing beautiful Mauritius. A big thanks for all your advice and organisation. …”
P family Sussex,

28th February, 2009 – Fabulous.
” We had a great time and really enjoyed the excellent service received ffrom Palmyra. The house staff were great‚ especially the cooking skills J displayed;-) . We will definitely refer you to friends and will make use of your services ourselves later this year. All the best Mr L. …”
Mr L Durban,
South Africa

3rd February, 2009 – As good as it looked, if not better!
” Thank you for arranging our villa stay. On such an important holiday where the comfort and happiness of my family was paramount I can truly say that Palmyra exceeded my expectations. I would certainly recommend you to all of my friends and family and can only thank you for your assistance and efficiency. After our third stay in Mauritius I think I can safely say that our next villa stay will be booked through Palmyra. …”
Mr P and family Brussels,

5th January, 2009 – Great service!
” Thank you very much. I miss Mauritius already ‚thank you for the great villa and service!!! Thank you again …”
Mr P Belgium

30th December, 2008 – Thank you
” We had a great time at the villa and would like to say thank you for such a fantastic welcome. Our Wedding was fantastic and much better than we both anticipated. We also loved the market at Grand Bay and will definitely recommend you to all our friends‚ family and acquaintances. Best wishes. …”
The D. family England, UK

21st December, 2008 – Very satisfied thank you.
” My wife and I were so impressed with your complete organisation and efficiency. Everything was in order and was to our satisfaction. Thank you. …”
Mr KW Munich,

2nd December, 2008 – See you soon
” Once again ‚thank you for all your assistance. Mauritius is almost becoming a second home to us now. See you same time next year. …”
Mr and Mrs J Henley on Thames,

30th November, 2008 – Perfect
” We did have a reasonable journey home although getting off the plane and going straight to my office was not that pleasant. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay in Mauritius and the villa exceeded our expectations. The house was comfortable‚ the garden beautiful and the position perfect. Your assistance in making the arrangements for the wedding reception was invaluable and all the guests had a great time‚ it would have been very difficult without you help. We will return to Mauritius soon and will have no hesitation in using Palmyra and we will be happy to recommend you to our family and friends. Thanks again …”
SD and family Bristol, UK

9th November, 2008 – Thanks a lot
” To all staff @ Palmyra. Thanks again for arranging our accommodation so perfectly. We all had a lovely time in Mauritius and we hope to see you again soon. …”
Benny, Theresa and Family Birmingham,

21st October, 2008 – Best holiday
” On behalf of us all I wish to thank you all so very much. We had the best holiday ever in Mauritius. See you again soon we hope. …”
Family T Durban,
South Africa

8th October, 2008 – Hello from us all
” My wife and daughters join me in thanking you all for organising our lovely villa. We loved Mauritius and dream of returning one day soon. Many thanks for all your help. …”
Bob and Family Humberside,

3rd October, 2008 – Lovely time in Mauritius.
” What a wonderful holiday we had in Mauritius. We did not want to leave. The weather was georgous and the beaches were exactly what we needed to relax. We were both so impressed with Palmyra’s total organisation and so thank you once again. Highly recommended. ***** …”
Sheila and Robert L. Swindon,

29th September, 2008 – Excellent service thank you.
” Many thanks once again for your excellent service. We shall definitely recommend Palmyra Holidays to our friends. 10/10. …”
The D Family Essex,
Great Britain

12th September, 2008 – We thank you Palmyra.
” The time that we spent in Mauritius was fantastic. We cannot thank you enough and will definitely recommend your company to all of our friends. Really first class. …”
Mrs F and family London,

28th August, 2008 – Our Wonderful holiday
” Thank you so very much for all your personal service at such short notice. I have recommended Palmyra to my sister for her holiday in November. …”
Mrs J K London,

15th August, 2008 – Fantastic Trip
” We are full of praise for the service all the staff at Palmyra gave us leading up to our holiday and even more so for the personal‚ kind way you operated during our stay. It was a special touch and we appreciated everything. It felt as though we said goodbye to friends when we left. We will recommend Palmyra to everyone and would love to return soon. …”
D and C B London,
United Kingdom

3rd August, 2008 – Thank you very much
”We shall recommend Palmyra to everyone! The beach house was beautiful and your company so very professional before and during our stay. …”
Mrs S and family London,
United Kingdom

29th July, 2008 – Hello from us both
” We will be recommending you to our family for their holiday as well. The hotel was very good value. Your level of customer support is first class. …”
Mr and Mrs I Oslo,

8th July, 2008 – Thank you Palmyra
” Thank you all very much for your assistance. Palmyra is a very professional company to deal with. We hope to return to Mauritius and will of course conact you again. …”
Mr J Copenhagen,

16th June, 2008 – Thanks once again
” Thanks for a really great holiday. We all enjoyed Mauritius very much and would love to come over again soon. …”
Mr and Mrs S Durban,
South Africa

25th May, 2008 – Superb holiday in Mauritius.
” Thank you Palmyra Holidays and all the staff for making our stay in Mauritius so memorable. Everything was so well organised and efficient. Our accommodation was much nicer than we expected‚ the Mauritian people were so friendly and we found the shopping and eating out very good value indeed. We are 100% satisfied and will definitely return with your company again soon. Once again a very big thank you from us all. …”
Mrs R and family Croydon,

6th May, 2008 – Very pleased.
” We wish to thank Palmyra for the service we received and for making our holiday so nice. We will be visiting again next year with your company. …”
Mr and Mrs V and family Amsterdam,

8th April, 2008 – Wonderful holiday. Thank you.
” We had such a lovely time on your friendly island.Thank you for everything. Very professional!! …”
The M Family Sussex,
United Kingdom

4th April, 2008 – Hello Palmyra
” You are easily the best Holiday company we have ever used. We had such a nice time in Mauritius. Hope to see you again later this year. Once again so many thanks. …”
Anne Nicosia,

24th March, 2008 – Thanks Palmyra
” A very large thank you to team Palmyra for our superb villa. We had a fantastic holiday on your friendly island and will see you again in November. …”
Marta and José Lisbon,

16th March, 2008 – Wonderful vacation time
” Thanks Palmyra for our great vacation on your beautiful island. …”
Sarah and family Vancouver,

9th March, 2008 – Hello again from us both
” We were correct to choose Palmyra as your organisation was of the very best quality. The villa was beautiful and we are now very relaxed and cannot wait to visit Mauritius again. …”
BK Family Oslo,

6th February, 2008 – Superb!
” You organised everything so quickly and were very professional. We will be visiting Mauritius next year again and of course we shall be booking with Palmyra. 10/10 for service. …”
Mrs T Bristol,

14th January, 2008 – Our Thanks Palmyra
” Thank you all the staff at Palmyra for arranging our private villa which was very beautiful. We enjoyed the fishing trip you organised very much and would like to recommend you to everyone. …”
Werner B Berlin,

2nd January, 2008 – To say thank you everyone.
” Thank you Palmyra for everything. We all loved Mauritius. …”
Family R Milano,

2nd January, 2008 – Best Regards
” Just to say that our holiday was superb. You organised our flights‚ accommodation‚ transfers and car hire and everything went smoothly and was really efficient. Palmyra is a very professional company indeed. …”
Mrs R Johannesburg,
South Africa

18th December, 2007 – Holiday
” Hello Everyone at Palmyra‚ Just a note to say thank you for a wonderful holiday in what must be the most beautiful location in the world. Our villa was superb and set in paradise. Marie said ‘Yes’ to my proposal of marriage by the way !….‚ I think she was swept off her feet by the Indian Ocean and the stars of the Southern hemisphere…. Thank you for making us feel truly welcome and making the holiday run smoothly and without a hitch. To anyone thinking of holidaying in Mauritius I would say‚ don’t hesitate‚ do it‚ and use Palmyra as it will be sure to be a problem free experience. Hope to see you all again soon T & M …”
T W Grimsby,

UK 29th October, 2007 – UK
” Thank you so much for all your help in making our holiday to Mauritius a superb one. This is the first time we have booked directly online and the whole process however was smooth‚ fast‚ friendly and very efficient. On arrival in Mauritius everything was perfect and so much nicer than a package holiday The villa was absolutely idyllic and so perfect for us all. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves during our stay and would love to come back again. Thanks again for all your help. …”
M et G Glasgow, Scotland

16th October, 2007 – Best holiday.
” Just a note to say we had a wonderful time in Mauritius. Everything was beyond our expectations‚ especially the friendliness of everyone. Thanks to all concerned for making sure we settled in properly and for checking all went well during our stay. We certainly hope to return again one day‚ and would have no hesitation in using Palmrya again. Very happy. …”
Mrs T Bristol, UK

12th August, 2007 – Same time next year please!
” This is now the fourth time we have travelled with your company to Mauritius and as usual the service was excellent. The whole family really loves Mauritius and we know that we can always rely on Palmyra to assist us in our choices and to provide us all with the opportunity to relax in peace on your beautiful island. Until next year. …”
Mr and Mrs SC Durban,
South Africa

30th July, 2007 – Hello Palmyra
” This is the B family from Sweden just wishing to say thank you as the villa was perfect as was our entire stay with Palmyra. Warm regards and fond memories …”
M. Elsa B Kista,

12th July, 2007 – Great Vacation
” On behalf of all of us‚ thank you for providing us with all the necessities for a great vacation. It was a great relief to have your flexibility and assistance. We will confidently recommend your business to all friends and colleagues when planning vacations to Mauritius. And better yet‚ we look forward to using you upon our return to Mauritius. …”
Mr F and Party New York,

28th June, 2007 – Fantasic holiday
” We are not happy to be back in horrible‚ wet‚ cold Cape Town. I think we should have extended our stay!! Thank you for the various little touches that made our stay so pleasurable. We will definitely recommend Palmyra to all our friends and family! Thanks once again and kind regards …”
Mrs W and family Cape Town,
South Africa

22nd May, 2007 – Memorable trip.
” All the family joins me in thanking your company for a truly first class service. Your attention to detail enabled us all to relax and enjoy the holiday properly. We shall return soon and will of course contact you again. 100% pleased! …”
B and J Surrey,

29th April, 2007 – Wonderful memories
” We will cherish most wonderful memories of our stay and we look forward to spending another week probably in August/September 2007 depending on work schedules. Many many thanks again for being so wonderful and attentive to our needs. With our best regards L and B …”
Miss L. A UK

28th February, 2007 – Great service
” We were both very pleased with your high level of service. Thanks to all. …”
Carol B Ontario,
Canada 1

3th February, 2007 – Thank you
” We were very impressed with your expertise from start to finish. The villa was perfect for our family and my daughter loved the diving course that you arranged. We can’t wait to return and will recommend you to all our friends. …”
Mr and Mrs C Stockholm,

10th February, 2007 – Thanks to all of Palmyra
” Thank you to all the Palmyra Staff. We did not want to say goodbye. …”
Mrs C

3rd February, 2007 – Thank you very much
” A very big thank you from us all. We shall recommend you to everyone and will certainly book with Palmyra on our next vacation. Great service. …”
Mr James Atlanta, Georgia,

30th January, 2007 – Palmyra
” Thank you for the flights you organised and the villa which was perfect. We had a wonderful holiday so thank you all very much. …”
Anna R Berlin,

25th January, 2007 – Thank you
” This holiday was the first time that we have booked online and we were extremely pleased with our beautiful villa. In fact each one of your recommendations was perfect. Thank you all. …”
L Family Munich,

4th January, 2007 – Wonderful Time
” We had a wonderful time in Mauritius thank you. The beaches were superb and the people very friendly and helpful. Your company organised the perfect holiday for us all and everything was excellent value. We will contact you again in the near future. …”
Mrs J London,

3rd January, 2007 – Our Stay with you in Mauritius
” Mauritius was as lovely as we expected and Palmyra was absolutely fantastic. Highly recommended 10/10. …”
The P Family Aberdeen,

3rd January, 2007 – Greetings Palmyra
” Thank you for organising my flights and accommodation so perfectly. The apartment was really nice and clean. …”
Ms K Brussels,

15th November, 2006 – Fantastic
” You made our wedding that much more memorable and that is why we are coming back. Thank you so much. …”
S D London,

12th November, 2006 – Perfect trip
” Thank you for all your help. The apartment was ideal for our Children and much larger than we expected. A+ service. …”
Mr and Mrs W Cornwall,

20th September, 2006 – Very nice stay.
” Mauritius was the perfect destination for our family as we could relax easily and the people were all so kind and friendly. Thank you all the staff at Palmyra. …”
Family Swenson Oslo,

21st August, 2006 – Highly recommended
” We can recommend Palmya to anyone wishing to travel to Mauritius. We will be over again soon as it’s not too far from the Cape. …”
Mrs Robertson Cape Town,
South Africa

7th June, 2006 – Very pleased
” We want to say a big thank you for orgainsing our holiday so well. The villa was superb and we really enjoyed the deep sea fishing trip that you suggested. …”
V. Family Cape Town,
South Africa

31st May, 2006 – Good time had by all.
” Your team exceeded all our expectations and we really enjoyed our Holiday. We recommend Palmyra to anyone and we shall return to Mauritius very soon. Thank you so much once again. …”
R Family Surrey,
United Kingdom

19th May, 2006 – Thanks again
” We thank the Palmyra team for arranging or recent holiday to Mauritius. We are very impressed with your level of service and experience and hope to see you again next year. …”
J. Family Durban,
South Africa

2nd May, 2006 – Thank you!!!!!
” Specially Thanks to Marie-Anne for your help when one of our children get sick. Our staying was perfect.Very nice appartment. Thanks for a great holiday‚ we hope to see you again. …”
Mr Johansson Engelholm,

23rd March, 2006 – Good service. Very satisfied.
” Thank you for the welcome and assistance during our holiday in Mauritius with your company. We are very impressed. …”
S. Family Munich,

18th March, 2006 – Hello Palmyra ” We have arrived home and the weather is freezing and horrible! Mauritius was fantastic and the villa was perfect for us all. Thanks for all your assistance and hope to see you all again one day. …”
The W. family Essex,
England, UK

13th March, 2006 – Dream Holiday
” A quick note to thank all the Palmyra team for organising our lovely holiday. …”
Elsa and family Rondebosch,
South Africa

14th February, 2006 – Next year again please!
” This was our second time with you in Mauritius and again we are so impressed with your high level of experience and helpfullness. Your suggestions made our holiday even more memorable and we shall continue to recommend Palmyra to all. …”
Mrs Jt and Children Sydney,

2nd February, 2006 – Thank you all to Palmyra
” We had a nice Holiday and we hope to use your excellent services in the future. …”
Sda and Family Nicosia,

1st February, 2006 – Thanks again
” Great organisation Palmyra. We hope to come over again soon. …”
Great Trip Melbourne,

27th January, 2006 – Book us in for 2007!
” Thanks again for the friendly and well organised service. Our trip was a complete success. See you soon. …”
Mrs W Melbourne,

27th January, 2006 – Our holiday
” What a fantastic christmas and new year we had with you in Mauritius. Thank you all. …”
Mr J E Norfolk,
United Kingdom

22nd January, 2006 – Happy new year Palmyra
” Christmas in Mauritius is something that we shall never forget. Your company is excellent. ***** …”
Mr and Mrs B Stockholm,

22nd January, 2006 – See you again.
” We all enjoyed our stay so much with you and all the staff were marvellous‚ Thanks once again. …”
Mrs G C Durban,
South Africa

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